Thursday, 18 February 2016

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Full house - over 200 people came the to public Geraldine talk

On the invite of Incredible Edible Geraldine, I arrived in New Zealand on Wednesday evening, 30 hours after leaving Manchester. Heck, it's long way to come, but worth every second of it.

 I had no idea what to expect. In typical Warhurst fashion, I hadn't done any homework on the journey or on this country at the other side of the world. I'd seen the bling of Dubai airport, worked out Monday wasn't going to happen this week and forgotten to tell the airline I didn't eat meat, so bread rolls and fruit salads were my staple diet for the 14hour journey to Sydney. Had no idea that once I'd got to Sydney I still was still two flights away from where I was going, probably just as well when I think of it.

But when I arrived, Bec and Sam Lees, pioneers and absolutely incredible heroes took me into their family and here I am, writing this blog in this gorgeous little room which is my bedroom at the bottom of their forest garden, looking out on a wonderfully blue late summer morning. Couldn't be more idyllic.

Entirely inspired by Sam and Bec and a handful of brill people, people in this small town of two and a half thousand people on the South Island have created propaganda gardens all over the place. The schools are completely on board and many local businesses can see the potential benefits to themselves of being on the vegetable tourism map of New Zealand.

Here's some pictures to wet your appetites. Being Incredible Edible makes sense, which ever hemisphere you're in.

Roadside Planting at Brian Stephens - Cox St

Orchard of Legends

Police Garden

Incredible Alley Way - Old Post Office

Running Duck Café - Wilson St

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