Monday, 22 February 2016

Pams Blog - her latest from Christchurch

First off, ignore anything I say about what day it is, because it's probably completely wrong.

But at least I now know I'm in New Zealand, so I must be waking up and getting over the jet lag.
Wednesday was Geraldine, so told you all about that, Friday was Christchurch , and I'm back there again on Monday, so Saturday's my day for being next to the Pacific Ocean, in the wonderful Pauline and Paul's house with the peaches growing in the garden and the sun streaming through the windows.

Went to the New Brighton community garden for lunch which is just about one of the most amazing gardens I've ever seen.

You walk through a gate in to a fantastic edible landscape that used to be a bowling green.

It's been going for years, run with the help of passionate volunteers and it's simply a place full of kindness and hope.

Pauline has taken me under her wing, and protected by the mighty George the boxer we have walked through the dunes and splashed in the Pacific, and now it's Sunday morning and we are off for a bit of culture in the newly reopened art gallery back in Christchurch.

Bit of a rude awakening first thing this morning as forgot was doing an early morning live radio programme. So when Pauline knocked on my bedroom door at 7.20 to say I was on in a minute, it was a bit of a shock, but it's amazing what you can do when you have to and sixty seconds later I was in full throttle. People here are ready to hear and share ideas, so nothing's an effort really.

Back to coffee and maybe a bit of retail therapy. It has to be done.

Been talking to Pauline about Wikihouses, and her plans to create an eco community on the site of a car park right next to the sea, and the soon to be created bus depot. Wikihouses or similar self build homes in our Incredible Northern Greenhouse? It's an idea. 

Cultivate - Christchurch

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