Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pam's Blog - outings in Christchurch

Monday's been a bit full on. Most of the day was organised with the support of Edible Canterbury, the food sovereignty champions of the area and the wonderful Matt.

First off telling the story at a remarkable primary, West Spreydon,where teachers from across Christchurch were meeting to talk about food in schools and links to public health and all that stuff. As ever amazing leadership at the school has resulted in edible gardens all over the campus, inspiring kids and community to come together to share food. Got some great pictures.

Then after lunch with Tony Moore the councils sustainability champion, in the old post office  which was the first commercial building to open after the earth quake, I told our story to a room full of council officials, from community and environment, where excitement was mixed with questions about how we keep things tidy and other very practical questions. Had to admit that though I get the idea that beauty really matters, and it most certainly does, in the fight against climate change and all that implies, neatness wasn't at the top of my agenda. I think the lady was being helpful in identifying these thoughts which some people use as an excuse for status quo.

Day finished with a great public meeting at the Polytechnic organised by Edible Canterbury again, where I also heard about plans to erect a version of the Eden Project, right next to the beautiful River Avon in the heart of the city.

What a wonderful city.

I'm really sad to leave, but before I got on the airport bus I had breakfast with folks Pauline is working with to introduce the idea of Wikihouses to the powers that be and get this egalitarian approach to affordable housing onto the political and commercial agenda. Inspiring people, including Martin who used to live just down the old from Todmorden, in Hipperholme.  What a small world.

Be great to get the idea of this or something similar into our Incredible Northern Greenhouse.

So it's goodbye to Christchurch and the kindness of Pauline, and hello to Invercargill.
Watch this space.

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