Orchard of Legends

We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from our community about this initiative. Over twenty legends have been celebrated so far, and their planting days taken place. Here is a selection.

What is the Orchard of Legends
An Incredible Edible Geraldine initiative, where Geraldine people have the opportunity to dedicate a fruit or nut tree to a fellow local who has lived or is living a fruitful life. These trees are planted in public spaces with the produce being available for all to share. 

How to dedicate a tree
Anyone can donate and dedicate a tree to someone they feel is a Geraldine legend (past or present). Contact us for more information.
How it works: The person dedicating the tree buys a suitable fruit/nut tree (or supply the funds to do so) along with funds for a plaque, and sends us 200 words detailing why they are a legend.
We'll help choose an appropriate place to plant the tree, will help with tree planting, and add it to our Edible Trail.


Peter Mathews - Sweet Sour Candy Apple Tree
Tree location: Entrance to Geraldine Primary School Hall, Wilson St.
Planted 13 Nov 2015

John Bray - Taylors Gold Pear Tree
'Upright citizens bless a city and make it prosper'
Tree location: Orari Domain
Planted 11 Oct 2015

Hilda Joyce - Ruby Red Apple Tree
'For nurturing the minds of young children'
Tree location: Outside St Andrews Church Hall (next to Geraldine Kindergarten) Wilson St.
Planted 22 Aug 2015

Wendy Patrick - Initial Apple Tree
'For just knowing when someone needs help'

Tree location: Wilson St, next door to Aorangi Vets
Planted 22 Aug 2015

Vera Clearwater - Golden Queen Peach Tree
'You've never seen a smile like Vera's'
Tree location: St Marys Church Grounds, Talbot St
Planted 22 August 2015

Austen Deans' - Braeburn Espaliered Apple Tree
'For bringing those mountains to life'
The Deans Family planting the tree dedicated to Austen Deans
Tree location: Cnr Huffey St and Cox St.
Planted 17 July 2015

Michael and Bridgette Barker - Blackboy Peach Tree
'For decades of dedication to fruit decadence'
The Barker's helping to plant the tree dedicated to them
Tree location: 44 Huffey St (outside Haywood Cottage Montessori)
Planted 17 July 2015

Jan Hill's Braeburn Espaliered Apple Tree
'Beloved Geraldine Children's Writer and Poet'
Jan Hill helping to plant the tree which was dedicated to her

Tree location: 44 Huffey St (outside Haywood Cottage Montessori)
Planted 17 July 2015

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