Friday 25 November 2016

Printed Map Launch

We've created a printable map of our Edible Trail.

Print our Edible Map (or grab a copy from the local shops), then head out into the fresh air to walk our edible trail.

A big thank you to our volunteers for making this happen, and Fredie Dupouy from Copyfast for her great design skills.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Milford Young Farmers donation received

Huge shout out to the Milford Clandeboye Young Farmers Club for their epic $500 donation to Incredible Edible!
Looking forward to working with them in the future on projects requiring agricultural know-how...

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Rural TV come to town

Back in April we had a visit from the Rural TV crew, Canterbury Television.

Sit back and watch. You'll hear about how our town of Geraldine is growing food to share, and the positive impacts this is having...

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Orchard of Legends - the latest news

We've been flat out this winter preparing for and planting Orchard of Legends trees. We now have over twenty fruit trees planted around the region.

We'll have our legends page updated with the latest legends soon.

If you have someone you'd like to dedicate a fruit or nut tree too, read our legends page, then get in touch...

Planting a Cox's Orange Apple tree, for local artist John Badock

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Our Map

In case you're having trouble viewing our map on your cell phones, here's the link!

Sunday 6 March 2016

Pam's blog - from the Bay of Plenty

Flew in to Tauranga on North Island for last leg of brilliant tour. Sarah of Envirohub picked me up and took me to Whakatane where for the next three days I met some amazing Maori from the Tuhoe Iwi and got to understand a little about their community and their culture.

 Before I began the talking bit of the tour I visited a local Marae or meeting house , Mataatua , the house that came home. The guide spoke repeatedly of kindness, gifts, positivity and inclusiveness as hallmarks of Maori culture. Sounds familiar?

 Hannah who looked after me whilst in Whakatane took me to some special places from hilltop to  Pacific shore. What a country!

 Next day visited the Te Kura Whare, or Living building a truly aspirational statement from people who want to build a kinder world.

 Was honoured to be allowed to present our story in the main room of the building and got a great reception from folks that are already doing this stuff and people who just needed a bit more confidence.

Met Tame Iti a man who put his life on the line for his beliefs. A Tuhoe Maori activist.
Then back to Whakatane and the community gardens, then on to some propaganda gardening around the local rural education centre care of the wonderful and loving Bonny, and over to Pip and her permaculture garden for a shared meal of local food.

Last morning presentation was in Tauranga again at the Sustainable Backyards event, bit like our harvest festival in Todmorden but with lots of speakers sharing their skills and passions.
Had the honour of opening the festival, and meeting Chantelle Callagher, originally from Brighton, who set up a trust called Food Finders  Trust to use end of life produce to feed the homeless and less fortunate members of the community. ' nourishing our community with the abundance available' beautiful.

Pam and Tame Iti

Pam speaking at the Living Building, Te Kura Whare

Pam and Rebecca Lees at Te Kura Whare

Pam and Bonny at Whakatane Community Garden

Speaking at Tauranga Food Fest

Mataatua Marae

Te Kura Whare - vege gardens. Given a tour of the building by Maia.

(nelson/takaka blog still to come...)