Thursday, 16 July 2015

What is Incredible Edible?

Sienna Lees and Kath Tunnock (volunteer)

Geraldine Kindergarten Produce Swap Wheelbarrow
Chrissy's edible bucket
Incredible Edible Geraldine is about several things on several levels. At the base level it is about putting gardens (and fruit trees) in public places. That means free food for those who pass by, whether they have tended the plants or not.

The second level is about encouraging people to be involved, passing on knowledge about growing and plants and, it may turn out, anything. There is a fine example of that in Geraldine in the men's shed run by Cyril Guthrie, where all manner of things are shared and passed on.

Three large plots were initially setup in the centre of town, thanks to the generosity of the section owner, and now home owners are being encouraged to put plots outside their homes with the idea of setting up a food trail, whereby locals or visitors would share the joy of walking around the village and helping themselves to fresh produce. Churches are also getting involved and there is talk too of an apothecary garden.

On other levels, the concept will help promote Geraldine, build an unbreakable community bond and, it is likely, enhance the reputation Geraldine already has as a wonderful place to live and visit.

Should it succeed with it's ambitions, as seems likely, it will prove what many gardeners already know: that there is much more to growing than the food produced.

The trick now is to convince people that the veges growing freely in public spaces in Geraldine are there for the picking.

Description courtesy of John Keast, Ashburton Courier Newspaper

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