Thursday, 30 July 2015

Meet Volunteer Shakayla

There's many people behind Incredible Edible Geraldine - a whole town in fact! Here's one story..

Shakayla with the new Raspberry Canes
Shakayla is currently working towards her St Johns community service shield and has been volunteering for Incredible Edible Geraldine.

Yesterday was a busy day! On receiving a message about donated plants Shakayla and Rebecca headed out of town to pick up the goods from the Bolt Family. By the afternoon a heap of Strawberry plants were in the ground, and Raspberry canes standing proud - at the Cox St site (behind Harcourts). These will be ready for the community to enjoy come Christmas.

A large number of remaining plants were given away on our facebook page.

Thanks for your help Shakayla! And to the Bolt Family for their donation. We look forward to teaching you more about gardening Shakayla, and sharing the journey with you.

'I find volunteer work a great learning opportunity. You get to meet lots of great people, and there is often a sense of self satisfaction knowing that you are doing something to help someone. When you join St John volunteering just becomes a part of your life. I love it!'
Shakayla McColl

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