Friday, 17 July 2015

Scholarship to further the reach of The Orchard of Legends

Brian Stephens (pictured) has accepted a scholarship on behalf of Incredible Edible Geraldine to the Agribusiness Training 'Plant Propagation' course. 

The 10 month part-time course is being taught in Timaru by local gardener Jenny Perano, who has over thirty years horticultural experience in nurseries and orchards. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for Brian, and for Geraldine residents. Brian will be taught all forms of propagation, from understanding planting structures and their functions, to budding and grafting. We hope this knowledge will be put to good use by furthering Incredible Edible Geraldine's mission - the creation of an edible urban landscape with fruit and nut trees planted in and around the township - for everyone to share (The Orchard of Legends).

If you would like to learn more about Incredible Edible Geraldine there is a public talk on Wednesday August 26. Details will announced later this month in the Geraldine News. Look out for the advert. 

Fruit Tree Cuttings Wanted!
Over the past few weeks Incredible Edible has been collecting Scion Wood (1 year old wood) from apple trees from roadsides and orchards around Geraldine. Come spring these will be grafted onto rootstock and be made available next winter for planting out. But, we know there are more wonderful apple trees out there so, if you know of any really healthy robust trees that are naturally disease resistant and top croppers get in touch with Sam Ph: 693 9268, Brian will be keen to put his newly acquired skills to good use. 

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